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A Mobile APP for Anesthesia Nerve Blocks

The PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks App

Download the PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks App and have access to the most common ultrasound peripheral nerve blocks in your pocket on demand. Learn correct ultrasound probe placement, needle approach, technique and tips for each block in the matter of minutes. Review the labeled block video's on the way to see the patient.  The App includes the following blocks:


                    Adductor Canal                            PENG Block

          Lateral Femoral Cutaneous             Fascia Iliaca Block

                        ESP Block                                      Femoral 

                      Interscalene                                 IPACK Block

                   Popliteal Sciatic                     Quadratus Lumborum

                    Rectus Sheath                                TAP Block

                   Supraclavicular                               PECS I & II


Included Enhanced Recovery Initiatives

Downloading the PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks Mobile App will provide you access to tested Enhanced Recovery Initiatives for Abdominal Surgery, Total Knee Arthroplasty and Total Hip Arthroplasty.  These initiatives have been used in thousands of anesthetics shortening patient length of stays, decreasing patient complications and increasing overall patient satisfaction. These anesthetic templates utilizing the latest Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Block techniques have saved hospitals and patients millions each year they are implemented. Already utilize system wide Protocols? Use the included protocols to compare and contrast to what you currently use. 



Easy. Smart. Accessible.

Why It Works

The PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks Mobile App edits all of the information you need to know about ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks into a concise format focused on visual learning. Review the correct ultrasound probe placement, needle approach and ultrasound anatomy immediately before blocking the patient minutes before the procedure. 



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