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Discover how a peripheral nerve block program impacts patient recovery, satisfaction and length of stay. Click here.

PNBschool specializes in providing onsite ultrasound guided peripheral nerve block training to practicing anesthesia personnel. Our focus is on ultrasound guided techniques, current trends in postoperative pain relief and new technology.

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Anestand® is the world's first anesthesia stand. It's designed to make cleaning your IV ports easy and to keep supplies immediately available during induction and maintenance of your anesthetic. Anestand® is a tool for every anesthetic in every location. It can be used for blocks, lines and induction both in the OR and offsite.

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PAJUNK® is the leading manufacturer of high quality products for nerve blocks, truncal blocks and neuraxial anesthesia. The echogenic Sonoplex and Sonoblock needles and E-cath/E-cath Plus catheters make nerve blocks faster, easier and safer. 

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Sonosite ultrasound for peripheral nerve blocks
PNBschool uses only the latest in ultrasound technology. The Sonosite X-Porte (pictured above) uses XDI, Extreme Definition Imaging and an intuitive touchscreen interface to deliver the highest level of clinical confidence. The X-Porte's kiosk design lends to its easy mobility and positioning at the patient bedside. It's sealed touchscreen has no buttons for pathogens to hide behind. Contact PNBschool today to get your hands on the new Sonosite X-Porte.

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