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Book a PNBschool Class

General Block Class Information

Classes are 4-6 hours long and are broken up into classroom lecture, hands on ultrasound examination and ultrasound guided peripheral nerve block technique. Classes may be taught at your institution and Sonosite ultrasound machines are provided. Topics that are covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Interscalene blocks

  • Axillary blocks

  • Supraclavicular blocks

  • TAP blocks

  • Femoral blocks

  • Fascia Iliaca Compartment blocks

  • Popliteal Sciatic blocks

  • Adductor Canal Blocks

  • Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity

  • Ultrasound Technique

  • Ultrasound Technology

  • PNB Indications

  • Why learn PNB’s now

  • Contraindications and pitfalls

  • Your role in a PNB program

  • How can PNB's be incorporated into your practice?

Please use the following form to contact us about booking your block class or to ask a general question. 
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