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PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks
Terms of Use

By downloading the "PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks" mobile application the following terms automatically apply to you. Please carefully read these terms of use thoroughly and contact PNBschool at with any questions. The following rules apply to you:
1.  The "PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks" mobile application along with all          trademarks of "PNBschool", copyright, logo, database rights along with      all other intellectual property related to the above belong to PNBschool.
2.  Manipulation or extraction of the source code relating to the mobile 
     application is not allowable.
3.  No "PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks" user may copy or modify the
     application in any way. This includes the reproduction of the PNBschool 
     logo and/or trademarks.
4.  PNBschool reserve all rights of ownership of the "PNBschool Anesthesia 
     Blocks" mobile application and may change the content/version of the 
     at our discretion with no consent of yours.
5.  PNBschool reserves the right to charge a fee and/or to change the              current fee for access to "PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks". The fee 
     to the "user" (you) will be listed plainly and the content and services 
     included in the apps fee will also be directly explained.
6.  A $3.99 monthly fee (excludes taxes) will be applied to your iTunes 
     account. This fee is a monthly automatically renewing subscription            unless cancelled before the end of the current monthly contract. This 
     subscription may be cancelled anytime within the iTunes account 
7.   Downloading the PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks mobile application may
      make your mobile device prone to malware/viruses and/or other               malicious digital programs. PNBschool is NOT responsible for these             issues, download at your own risk.
8.   The app may not function correctly on a jailbroken device. PNBschool 
      is NOT liable for this issue.
9.   PNBschool does not use or share personal information but the use of 
      PNBschool Anesthesia Blocks app may require the transmission of 
      information provided by you including name, email, phone number 
      and financial information. You, the user, assume all risk associated to
      personal information when you download the application. 
10.  PNBschool is not liable for poor connectivity issues related to cellular
      service and/or poor Wi-Fi/internet connection.
11.  The information included in the application PNBschool Anesthesia 
       Blocks is medical in nature but in NO way constitutes medical advice.
       Practice at your own risk and appropriately within your scope and 
       level of education as dictated by governing bodies.
12.  PNBschool is not ever liable for cellular charges or charges                        related to connectivity to the internet for functionality of the app.
12.  If you do not agree with these "Terms of Use" DO NOT DOWNLOAD

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